Relationship Assessment

The total relationship you have with your customers is beyond the aggregation of all experiences they have with you.  Periodic, high-level relationship evaluation is critical to keep you well-informed in making data-driven decisions to improve performance.  These research evaluations should include the relevant business domains within which your organization has the appetite and ability to drive change.  Additionally, only those parts of your organization with the willingness and potential for change should be measured as part of holistic relationship performance research.

Harris/Decima Relationship Assessment tests your own hypotheses regarding organizational strengths and weaknesses to deliver clear, precise learning.  We help you answer critical business questions like:

  • What parts of the relationship have the greatest impact on our customers?
  • Where does strong performance give us competitive advantages?
  • Which unmet needs are the priorities for resource allocation to drive improvements?
  • What processes are inconsistent and create dissatisfaction among the customer base?
  • Which types of experiences and touchpoint channels have the greatest impact on customer behaviours?

Linkage to business performance metrics and action planning workshops are two proprietary ways in which Harris/Decima will help your organization bring the findings of your relationship assessment programs to life.  We apply your results to findings from profitability analyses, performance consistency evaluations, and root cause analyses to deliver holistic and diagnostic brand insight.