Energy & Resources

Canada’s rich resource industry and wealth of natural resources create unique business needs that, when founded in strong research, can be satisfied in actionable and effective ways. We have a dedicated practice of individuals who focus on these sectors and bring unique perspectives to them.

The application of their expertise to the practice has been invaluable to our clients. We've worked with a variety of government resource departments, municipal and provincial utilities providers, industry advocacy groups and other stakeholders to answer key questions and guide critical decisions.

We’ve undertaken a myriad of subject matters – from electricity and natural gas to pipelines and water, to the forestry sector and environmental impacts. Over time, we’ve amassed a toolkit from which we pull solutions to meet our clients changing needs.

Our depth of experience in the resources and energy sectors also includes many large scale studies of both residential and commercial customers. In today’s energy-dependent world, the need to decipher the public’s understanding and use of energy is paramount to the success of utilities and energy service providers.